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Zar Exterior Poly Ultraviolet Polyurethane

Oil Base poly ultraviolet in an incredibly fast-drying, clear wood polyurethane finish that dries in 2 hours. Formulated with ultraviolet radiation absorbers and antioxidants.

Zar Exterior Water Base Poly High Performance

Formulated exclusively to deliver superior performance on exterior wood surfaces. It contains ultraviolet radiation absorbers and antioxidants.

Zar Interior Oil Base Stain

Zar interior oil base stains wipes on as easily as furniture polish to stain and seal in one quick, easy application. Formulated with "control penetration" to help ensure a uniform color tone.

Zar Interior Water Base Poly Crystal Clear

This non-yellowing, environmentally safe, clear wood finish is specially formulated to protect and beautify cabinets, furniture,shiplap paneling, woodwork, and floors

Zar Interior Oil Base Poly

Oil Base Poly is an incredible fast drying oil base polyurethane that dries to a smooth finish on bare wood in just two hours, with no brush marks. It works beautiful on hardwood floors, cabinets, furniture, and woodwork.

Color Putty

Used to fill imperfections in woodwork, paneling, furniture, and cabinets to achieve a truly polish finish look.